What’s More Important Flossing or Brushing

A two pronged attack that consists of brushing and flossing is recommended as part of our oral care routine. We all know we should be brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing at least once a day to maintain healthy teeth and gums for life. Often the flossing is something most of us are inclined to neglect believing that brushing alone is enough. To answer the  question about which one is more important it may surprise you to know that flossing is by far the one thing we shouldn’t be neglecting.

When done correctly flossing removes plaque in those hard to reach spots between teeth and beneath the gums, while a toothbrush can only clean the front and backs of teeth. And it’s the places in between your teeth where the most dangerous microbes can grow, failing to remove them can lead to serious problems such as periodontist or gingivitis.

Flossing is only effective when done correctly, the right way involves doing a c shape and reaching out to cover as much of the tooth surface as possible. Remember to floss up and down under the gum tissue and alongside its external surface. To keep your breath smelling fresh and your Delta dentist happy, your gums and teeth healthy as well as preventing serious ( like buildup of biofilm & gum disease ) flossing should be part of your daily routine. Gum disease should not be taken lightly as it poses a threat to heart health and increases your risk of diabetes.

So you really don’t want to leave either brushing or flossing out of your daily oral care routine. So next time grab the floss and use it at least once a day for the good of your overall health as well as improving your smile. When you book your next appointment at Surdel Dental Centre make it a point to ask for instructions on how to correctly use floss, they’ll be happy to show you flossing techniques. Why not schedule that appointment now.

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