Preparing Your Children for the Dentist: For the First Time

Most Vancouver childrens dentists recommend that by the time your child is a year old, they should go in for their first visit, and afterwards every six months. But dental offices are full of scary things: glaring lights, power drills, x-rays, and even more. This type of atmosphere can be unsettling for children, and especially worrying when it’s their first time. Yet even in this type of environment, there are certain things you can do to prepare your children to make sure they feel safe and happy for the entire procedure.

Pick the Right Dentist

You may be incredibly happy with the dentist you go to, and feel as though they would also be the right fit for your child. Yet your dentist’s practice may not necessarily interact with many children. To find the right fit for your child, do some research online of different practices that are will suited for children, and finding a certified pediatric dentist would be the optimal. Once you have found a practice you think you might go with and before you book a dental appointment for your child, ask if you can tour their practice. Observe how the staff interacts with children, and how the children react. Also, take care to see that everyone in the office adheres to basic cleanliness and hygiene.

Going Through the Steps

Once you have picked the best dental practice, talk to your child the day before the appointment to what they may expect, including the dental procedure of cleaning, and what kind of machinery might be a part of it. Also, practice brushing at home, so they can anticipate the dentist doing it as well. Also, prepare the dentist with some information of your child’s oral habits (such as using a pacifier), and if they have any medical conditions or if they take medication.

At the Appointment

When you are at the appointment, ensure that your child and the dentist have a proper greeting, where the dentist tells their name and what will happen during the appointment. Explain to your child that you will be there as well in case something happens that they don’t like, or if they need your support. Next will come some brushing, introducing some of the basic machinery, cleaning of the teeth, and perhaps even fluoride. Some dental offices even have a prize box at the end for your child!

If you remember even some of these tips, your child’s first trip to the dentist will be much more relaxed and maybe they will even enjoy themselves!

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