How to Deal With Chronic Bad Breath

It’s not unusual for any of us to experience bad breath at times for the purpose of this blog we’re going to address the causes of chronic bad breath referred to as Halitosis. An issue quite different from the odd case of not so fresh breath, Halitosis doesn’t improve by using breath mints or lots of mouthwash. It’s not impossible to get rid of the problem so let’s take a closer look.

Halitosis can be the result of a few different things such as leftover food particles in the mouth, dry mouth, dental problems such as tooth decay, cavities or gingivitis. Sometimes other medical issues especially those affecting the nasal passages, sinuses or throat can be the cause and can be a sign of kidney or liver disease.

Coping With Chronic Bad Breath

Since we’re dealing with a more serious problem short term solutions such as mouthwash or breath mints would not deal with the issue. The following is a guide from our North Delta Dentists to dealing with and getting rid of the problem once and for all.

  • Follow a proper dental care routine by brushing for a full 2 minutes twice a day, flossing correctly, tongue scraping followed by mouthwash to wipe out any remaining bacteria. Toothbrushes are a breeding ground for bacteria so be sure to replace it every 3 months
  • Certain foods cause bad breath such as garlic and onions so steer clear of these, they have the ability to travel through the bloodstream and into the lungs. It has been determined that once there the bad smell is exhaled from the lungs.
  • Get regular dental checkups to be sure there are no underlying issues that could be the reason for chronic bad breath
  • Chewing on fennel seeds, cloves or aniseeds for their antiseptic quality to help freshen your breath
  • Choose foods like apples and celery for snack time, they boost saliva production to keep bacteria buildup in check

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