Greek God Vs Oikos Yougurt

This blog post will be an article and comparison of Green God vs Oikos Greek Yougurt.

The reason why is because Greek Yogurt is very trendy right now. Kind of like how Yam fries were all the rage a few years ago. Or even the bacon trend. Seriously, bacon is all over the place right now.

But it seems like the greek yogurt trend will not end soon. I know it’s a big stable in my diet. For good reason as it’s really, really good. Addicting one might say.

However, not all Greek yogurt is created equal. A few brands have far too many calories in them. Calories are so important to the diet.

If you don’t know by now, my personal story is littered with poor eating habits. Within the last few months though I sought out the help of a personal trainer and focused on calorie intake and output.

Labels Are Your Friend

Today when I was in the grocery store I decided to compare a few yogurt labels to each other. My personal trainer recommended Oikos by Danone. After comparing to it couple of other brands of Greek Yogurt, I now know why!



The picture above is Oikos Coconut vs Greek God Honey. I use to eat a lot of the Greek God Honey a few years back. It’s even better than Oikos but as you see from the label, it’s not that healthiest.

So now to compare the two yogurts head to head.

Greek God Vs Oikos

First off you will notice Greek God is per 125 Grams as compared to 175 for the Oikos. It’s always important to be aware of the serving size per measurement figure. Often times companies will put a lower measurement to make their labels read better. But as you can see, it’s still way higher across the board than the Oikos.

To get them on the same level we have to times the serving size of the Greek God by 40%.

The next thing and most obvious is the amount of calories. The Greek God has 252 calories per 175 grams vs just 150 calories for the Oikos. Oikos wins this battle.

The fat content for the Greek God is through the roof. 11 grams vs 0. Oikos wins again.

The carbs battle goes to Greek God. Greek God has 20.4 grams of carbs while Oikos has 23.

The sugar intake is very close. 20 grams to 19 for Oikos. I’ll admit that that is not ideal on boths sides. If you choose regular Greek Yogurt from both brands, you’ll find a lower amount of sugar. On a side note, check out Sugar Stacks for a visual idea of how many cubes of sugar 19 looks like.

The biggest battle is for the protein.

Protein is so important for anyone no matter if you are trying to lose or grain weight. Your body needs it and yogurt is once source it can get it from. By looking at the labels Oikos has double the amount of Greek God. Greek God has 7 grams while Oikos has 14.

So there you have my Greek God vs Oikos Greek Yogurt comparision. In the next blog post I’m going to compare Liberte against Oikos. Stay tuned for that!

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