5 Ways Dentists Calm You While in The Chair


Many people fear a visit to the dentist and experience stress can range from mild to significant in some cases. Those healthcare professionals are aware of the stress some patients experience just anticipating their appointment and have devised ways to help you remain calm, ways you may not even be aware of.

Colored Glasses

For starters those high powered lights the dentist in Surrey uses can be unsettling but the dentist needs them to be able to see into all the dark parts of your mouth. Patients find themselves staring up at the glaring, hot light which can increase their stress level a lot. One way dentists deal with this is by having the patient wear colored glasses that serve the added purpose of protecting the patient’s eyes while in the chair. This serves the purpose of protecting eyes from fluids getting into their eyes or an errant dental tool from injuring the patient.

Televisions Everywhere

People enjoy watching television and the entertainment it provides and what better way to use something familiar to distract waiting, patients. Being entertained with a TV will make any waiting seem much shorter for the patient and some even use video games in their waiting areas. Some dentists have even mounted TV’s overhead for patients to view their favorite programs while in the chair.

Calming Music

Music is a part of life and the right music has the ability to calm patients during their appointment at the dentist. Research suggests that it lowers blood pressure and reduces pulse/heartbeat, what better way for a dentist to calm their patient?

Calming Waters

One lesser known method to create a soothing mood is by using the sound of running water, in fact the sound of water reduces stress and physically reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Research suggests that water delivers the added benefit over music when EEG signals in the brain grow less complex because listening to running water calms an anxious mind. Employing a fish tank or tiny waterfalls in their office are some ways a dentist uses the sound of water to encourage patients to feel calm.

Pain Control

Sometimes there’s no avoiding pain during a dental procedure but patients don’t need to suffer needless pain. If you feel you need help and your stress level is increasing let your dentist know you need help to remain calm. He/she can use a topical anaesthetic, nitrous oxide ( laughing gas ) even some oral sedation to help a patient cope with an anxiety they feel during a procedure.

A lifetime of good oral health means regular dental checkups, why not call and book your appointment today at Surdel Dental Centre.

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