Cannabichromene or CBC is known as a minor form of cannabinoid which is mainly found in the cannabis plant that makes it tough to acquire in huge quantities. In general, it is solely found in tropical strains of cannabis. It is not quite popular but according to some research, it contains lots of health benefits and what’s more delighting about it is that it shows to have the healing power to treat cancer.

For a fact, according to Farmacy Toronto, one of the most controversial finding about CBC is its linkage to cancer. It is actually perceived to possess anti-proliferative effects which simply mean that it has the ability to impede the growth and fast spread of malignant tumors. Aside from this, it is believed to prevent pain and inflammation and also does wonders in stimulating bone growth.

It is worthy of note that cannabichromene is very effective when it comes to a broad array of medical benefits that consist of:

  • Anti-viral- CBC is loaded with anti-viral effects of cannabis.
  • Antimicrobial – it aids combat fungi and bacteria. It comes with a very powerful antibacterial effect on diverse gram-positive, acid-fast bacteria and gram-negative. In the same way, it shows slow to gradual activity against distinct forms of fungi.
  • It is very effective in treating migraines.
  • Anti-Proliferative – it does have a very vital role when it comes to inhibiting the growth and spread of malignant tumors.
  • It helps stimulate the brain growth and as a matter of fact it has appeared to help maximize the growth of developing brain cells which refers to a certain process known as neurogenesis.
  • It can also act as antidepressant that combats depression. In other words, it may help contribute to the overall mood-escalating properties found in cannabis plant. Keep in mind that it does not stimulate the same passageway in the brain as THC.
  • Analgesic- helps eliminate pain even though it is not as powerful as THC. Likewise, it can combat pain through interacting with a number of targets that are involved in the control of pain felt in the spinal level. Researchers at Toronto medical marijuana dispensary hope that since CBC is non-psychoactive, the marijuana compounds can contribute to treating pain without feeling high.
  • Anti-inflammatory – aids in lessening inflammation of the intestinal tract and swelling or edema. It can combat inflammation without stimulating cannabinoid receptors.

If you want to learn more about CBC, you may consider speaking to any one of Farmacy’s insightful bud tenders particularly if you wish to know more about dosing information as well as other alternatives for CBC.



How to avoid neck pain from texting

Strenuous workouts, lack of adequate rest, excessive alcohol and long hours at work all put a tremendous strain on our bodies. Some of these we can’t change while others are within our control to moderate. Life can be hectic and the prevalence of technology has taken over any downtime we once enjoyed.

Cell phones allow us to text, check emails and keep up with social media at any time. One of the consequences of looking down at your cell phone, while not official, is “ text neck .” Frequently looking down at cell phones to be informed has many people complaining of neck pain. Here are some tips from Revolution Health Centre about avoiding neck pain from texting. 

How Cell Phones Cause Neck Pain

A person’s head weighs about 12 lbs. As you bend your neck forward the weight at your cervical spine significantly increases from 12 lbs up to 60 pounds at a 60 degree angle. To demonstrate it would be like carrying an 8 year old child around your neck for 3 or more hours a day.

What Is An Epidemic

Almost everyone with the exception of very young children and possibly your 95 year old aunt owns a cell phone. The number of hours ( est at 3 hrs per day ) means people are very attached to their devices.

Physical Effects Of The “ Text Neck “

Here are some of the possible symptoms and possible problems that can result:

  • Long term muscle strain, herniations, and pinched nerves
  • Added weight on the cervical spine can pull the entire spine out of alignment
  • Loss of vital capacity of the lungs by up to 30% which can lead to cardiovascular disease
  • Loss of large intestine function
  • Decreased respiratory strength
  • Tightness across the shoulders
  • Frequent headaches

Can’t Live Without Your Phone, Try Some Of The Following Suggestions:

  • Give it a rest. To avoid this repetitive strain take a break every 15 minutes, looking up will allow your neck to rest in a natural, neutral position
  • Hold it up. Elevating your phone or tablet to eye level rather than looking down
  • Lie down. Lying down on the floor extend your arms out in front so your phone is at eye level. Your arms will quickly tire forcing you to take a needed break
  • Just say it. Voice recognition apps while not safe to use while driving if used other times can take the stress off your neck and back
  • Try an app. There are apps designed to prevent “ text neck “ and help you maintain healthier posture
  • Schedule social media time. We lived without social media for a long time, why not remove those apps from your cell phone. Use your phone for texts or making calls, even limit the time you spend on your computer keeping up with social media

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