How does oral sedation work?

Oral sedation is extremely helpful to a lot of dental health patients. Patients who are anxious or nervous about visiting a Surrey Dentist with simple teeth cleaning, those who have fear visiting a dentist and those who delay oral health treatment and living with oral discomfort can benefit from receiving oral sedation.

There are a lot of individuals who have struggles going to the dentist. Oral sedation helps to lessen these fears and depending on the anxiety level, makes every procedure from simple teeth cleaning to invasive procedures more bearable for patients who have problems relaxing.

What is the medication that is used for oral sedation?

Oral sedation uses a little blue pill. It’s a sedative pill called Triazolam that’s the same family as with Valium. The medicine is short-acting, and more than half of it is used by the body in 2 hours. This sedative pill has also been prescribed by doctors over the years as a form of prescription sleeping aid. The drug has been categorized as schedule IV substance by the drug enforcement administration which puts in one category above the common aspirin. This medicine is considered as extremely safe to use and doesn’t produce a deep sedation or general anaesthesia effect.

What is the oral sedation process like?

During your visit with your dentist, they will talk to you about your concerns and needs related to your procedure and evaluate your medical history and lifestyle (like if your alcohol intake, if you smoke or if you are taking any supplements or vitamins).

Based on the data gathered from your consultation, your dentist will then prescribe you with the oral sedatives that you will have to take a day or an hour or maybe both before your appointment.

On the day of your appointment for your procedure, it’s very important to have someone to drive you to and from the dentist’s office as you shouldn’t drive while under the effects of the oral sedative.

During the procedure, your dentist will monitor your status and will make sure that you are at ease and relaxed.

After the procedure, your designated driver will drive you back home. It’s highly recommended that you take a break for the rest of the day from your work or school and must not operate any heavy machinery for the next day. Also, make sure to drink a lot of fluids after your procedure. A lot of patients reported that they don’t feel any side effects the day after their appointment and are able to go back to their daily routines. Contact Clover Hills Dental if you are looking for a sedation dentist in Surrey BC.

What is a Periodontist?

The dental profession has a few types of dentist that focus on a specific kind of dental problem and work with patients to better oral health. Periodontists are one of the Surrey dentists you may have heard of before and wonder exactly what their focus is, in simple terms they deal in gum disease. Anytime you notice unusual bleeding gums or sensitive gums a visit to a periodontist may be needed to correct the issue. Ignoring these signs and you run the risk of gum disease, experiencing pain with every bite or other extreme mouth conditions. To understand how a periodontist can help let’s take a look at what their role is.

What Does a Periodontist Do?

Having pink gums is an indication that your gums are healthy, when they’re not in the very best condition a periodontist is the person to achieve healthy gums. Not just confined to the gums these professionals work on other parts of the mouth as well. The part of the  jawbone for example that supports the teeth is called the alveolar process, any issues here could lead to tooth loss, especially in women. This is the bone portion that hosts tooth sockets – any deterioration or breaks here and you’ll need to visit a periodontist to reset and secure your teeth. Another part of the mouth a periodontist deals with is the cementum, a calcified substance or tissue who’s simply purpose is to connect the teeth and gums. By connecting the alveolar bone with the teeth via the periodontal ligament it protects the roots of the teeth. This ligament is supportive in nature and made up  of 70% water with the rest some cells and fibers. Unhealthy periodontal ligament ot pdl results in failure of a tooth to erupt correctly which means it doesn’t grow right.

Much more than just looking after the gums a periodontists job is to anticipate future gum and tooth issues, treat current ones and repair prior ones. Their specialty is to protect all the support structures of the teeth by making sure your gums, jawbone and connective gum tissue are in optimal condition. Anytime they see a cause for concern they take action to prevent it from becoming a much bigger problem. Left untreated gum damage can result in the loss of a tooth and in extreme situations the patient could suffer disease of the gums or jaw that could require surgery to remove part of the jawline.

Prevention is key to enjoying a lifetime of oral health, that’s a good reason to see your dentist regularly, why not schedule your appointment at Proactive Dental Studio in Surrey BC now.

Why Your Gums Bleed


As someone who practices a good, daily oral health care routine brushing and flossing twice a day the sight of bleeding gums might be unsettling, to say the least. After checking a second time you see that you’re not mistaken they are bleeding. Before you jump to any conclusions you might want to read the following reasons to help you understand why this is happening.

When You Haven’t Been to The Dentist Recently

If you haven’t had a recent appointment at the Surrey dentist, if your last visit was more than 2 weeks ago your bleeding gums are not a good sign. Anytime this is the situation it’s advisable to book an appointment so your dentist can find out why this is happening.

When You Cut Yourself

You might be dealing with a minor abrasion and it’s best just to leave it alone it should be fine. Rinsing with salt water a couple of times a day will allow the area to heal. However if it’s causing you concern it might be wise to book an appointment with the dentist. Anytime your gums are bleeding profusely contact 911 or visit an emergency clinic.

When You Just Saw The Dentist

Maybe you were just at the dentist and weren’t entirely honest when asked about your recent flossing habits. Your teeth might be in good shape but you haven’t really been flossing and decide to be more diligent about adding regular flossing. Those first couple of flossing could result in your gums bleeding but should subside after those first few days. If not then you may want to pay a visit to the dentist to see why you’re experiencing bleeding gums.


Plaque left on your teeth and at the gumline if not removed by brushing and flossing can infect the gums and lead to symptoms of gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, when it occurs your gums may become swollen, tender and sometimes bleed while brushing. This early stage of the disease responds well to good brushing and flossing habits along with regular dental checkups. Pregnancy gingivitis is another reason for bleeding gums when hormonal changes during pregnancy alter the body’s response to the bacteria that can cause gum disease. Symptoms should disappear after pregnancy, regular brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups can help prevent gum problems from worsening.

Daily brushing and flossing are key to oral health along with regular dental checkups, after reading the information what better time to book your checkup at Elgin Corners Dental.

5 Ways Dentists Calm You While in The Chair


Many people fear a visit to the dentist and experience stress can range from mild to significant in some cases. Those healthcare professionals are aware of the stress some patients experience just anticipating their appointment and have devised ways to help you remain calm, ways you may not even be aware of.

Colored Glasses

For starters those high powered lights the dentist in Surrey uses can be unsettling but the dentist needs them to be able to see into all the dark parts of your mouth. Patients find themselves staring up at the glaring, hot light which can increase their stress level a lot. One way dentists deal with this is by having the patient wear colored glasses that serve the added purpose of protecting the patient’s eyes while in the chair. This serves the purpose of protecting eyes from fluids getting into their eyes or an errant dental tool from injuring the patient.

Televisions Everywhere

People enjoy watching television and the entertainment it provides and what better way to use something familiar to distract waiting, patients. Being entertained with a TV will make any waiting seem much shorter for the patient and some even use video games in their waiting areas. Some dentists have even mounted TV’s overhead for patients to view their favorite programs while in the chair.

Calming Music

Music is a part of life and the right music has the ability to calm patients during their appointment at the dentist. Research suggests that it lowers blood pressure and reduces pulse/heartbeat, what better way for a dentist to calm their patient?

Calming Waters

One lesser known method to create a soothing mood is by using the sound of running water, in fact the sound of water reduces stress and physically reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Research suggests that water delivers the added benefit over music when EEG signals in the brain grow less complex because listening to running water calms an anxious mind. Employing a fish tank or tiny waterfalls in their office are some ways a dentist uses the sound of water to encourage patients to feel calm.

Pain Control

Sometimes there’s no avoiding pain during a dental procedure but patients don’t need to suffer needless pain. If you feel you need help and your stress level is increasing let your dentist know you need help to remain calm. He/she can use a topical anaesthetic, nitrous oxide ( laughing gas ) even some oral sedation to help a patient cope with an anxiety they feel during a procedure.

A lifetime of good oral health means regular dental checkups, why not call and book your appointment today at Surdel Dental Centre.

4 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Marriage


Just the like the old saying goes, “marriage doesn’t stop at the wedding.” It is only another chapter in your relationship. Congratulations to your wonderful wedding, with all the great catering, amazing venue and attentive guests. However, what you had in that day is very different from that one you will for your whole life.

Marriage can be overwhelming for others. To make this chapter in your life successful, healthy and happy, you might ask, “What should I do?”

Make your relationship a priority.

The mental change of going into marriage can be startling for some people. Being married means you are responsible for another person in a new and deep way. There are husbands or wives that don’t prioritize their relationship once they get married. They are still somehow rooted with their family, placing parents or siblings first instead of their spouse. Or they have been used to be on their own for quite some time and don’t realize that their work, interest, and friends are no longer a priority. As a married individual, you must be able to realize that your spouse is your priority. It’s important to establish it so it will be much easier to go through your married life in the later years where problems may occur.

Create your own rituals.

Creating your own rituals could mean simple things like making breakfast for your wife on the weekends and let her relax. Whatever it may be, having a “couple ritual” will help you in connecting with your partner in the midst of a hectic life. The rituals will help to establish trust, love and safety in your relationship, which will help you and your spouse to trudge unto the outside world. If your spouse says that they love you and shows that through constant gestures, then believe that it’s true.

Check in daily.

According to marriage experts, couples must copy what big companies has been doing for years to make sure workers are productive and happy: holding regular meetings. For couples, it can be as simple as appreciating each other, giving simple information about how your day went, asking your spouse if something is troubling them or making nonjudgmental and complaint-free request.

Ask: Is it good for our relationship?

When you’re faced with a vital decision in your marriage, make it a habit not only to talk about it if it’s for you or your spouse. Talk about it and ask if it’s good for your marriage. This might involve an amount of time you and your spouse will be apart from each other, if it will make things difficult for you and your spouse or if it has something that might threaten your relationship.

If you need, contact one of the many therapists in Victoria BC for marriage counselling advice.

How to Care For Your Eyelashes

Have you ever envied those who were born with those long, thick San Diego eyelashes while yours might fall a little short? A great set of eyelashes can dramatically change a person’s appearance. There are some things we can all do to take proper care of our eyelashes and keep them looking healthy and prevent them from falling out too soon. Below you’ll find some tips for taking

good care of your lashes, some you may be familiar with while there could be some new ideas too.

Remove Your Makeup

Remember how exciting it was when you were finally got to wear some mascara, how grownup it made you feel. Fast forward to the present and ask yourself if you’re doing all you can to take care of them, ie do you remove eye makeup every night. The eyelashes just like normal hair on your scalp can dry up and become brittle if not properly cared for. It’s important to remove makeup before bedtime to avoid anything getting into your eyes which could result in an infection. Using a clean cotton ball for each eye and some makeup remover is all it takes to avoid any problems.

Use a Clean Mascara Brush

While we’re on the subject of cleanliness that mascara brush can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not replaced every 3 months. If you don’t use mascara every day 6 months is frequent enough.

Condition Them

A trick you may not know about to have fuller lashes by applying castor oil, coconut oil or petroleum jelly at bedtime, then be sure to rinse well in the morning.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Rubbing your eyes will make a mess of your eye makeup and have you soon looking like a raccoon. Even if you’re not wearing makeup you could cause dirt to get into you eye and give you an infection as well as rubbing your eyes can damage the sensitive lash area.

Careful With That Curler

While we don’t all have lovely, curly eyelashes an eyelash curler will help achieve the desired effect. Once again hygiene is important so disinfect it before using to remove any old mascara that could be a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. Don’t squeeze too long – no more than 5 seconds or tug too hard to avoid any damage to the eyelashes.

Take a Break

Have a no makeup day once in awhile and allow your lashes to breathe and keep them healthy. a break from the chemicals and dyes will do them a lot of good.
Considering lash extensions, visit This Lash Life in San Diego.

Bad Pool Chemical Combinations


Chemicals used in swimming pools may include different types of disinfectants and sanitizers, which aim to limit the growth of particular types of algae and bacteria in swimming pool water. These chemicals can also be used on spas, whirlpools, spas, and wading pools.

There are different kinds of disinfectants and sanitizers used on pools; however, ‘chlorine’ type is the most common. Chlorine normally comes from “chlorinating compounds” that release chlorine after dissolving in water. Large pools can be maintained using chlorine gas.

To maintain safety and cleanliness of swimming pools, proper water chemistry must be observed. This process also helps pool owners save time and money in the long run. Here are some bad pool chemical combinations from Katchakid pool safety.

Bad Pool Chemical Combinations

Chlorine Shock + Algaecide

Chlorine shock can alter the chemical components used in most pool algaecides and in many cases, it can totally destroy the algaecide. You can utilize pool shock to eradicate algae and apply algaecide after the chlorine levels are normal.

Chlorine Shock + Sequester Agent

Chlorine shock can also alter scale and stain chemicals also known as sequestering compounds or chelators if they combine together. Apply stain and scale chemicals one day before or days after you shock a swimming pool.

Clarifier + Clarifier

If you put a lot of clarifier in your swimming pool, a certain phenomenon can happen. Instead of acting as a coagulant, the electron charge will reverse, leading to some formulas to act as a dispersant. Make sure to follow proper dosage instructions and wait 5 to 7 days after treating with clarifier again.

High Cyanuric Acid

Have you ever heard of a guy that added 15 pounds of cyanuric acid to his pool, which he thought was calcium? Putting excessive amounts of cyanuric acid can make proper sanitation hard. The only way out is dilution.

Chlorine Shock + High Metals

High metals combined with low pH levels can end with black streak and stains in your pool.

Make sure that your pools Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and pH levels are within the right range while adding a regular treatment of chelators like Metal Free or Stain away to maintain metals in solution.

Important Note: Make sure that your pool chemicals don’t come into contact with one another. A single drop of antifreeze, clarifier or algaecide combined with chlorine can result in a fire. Combining chlorine and acid can produce a poisonous gas. Combining various kinds of chlorine can explode if moisture is added. Chemical remains from a scoop or bucket container mixed with another chemical can lead to a reaction. Pool chlorine mixed with dirt, dust or any liquid can result in a volatile reaction.

If you need a pool cover for safety, visit Katchakid to learn more.

Shoppers Drug Mart Wants in on Medical Marijuana

Another voice has been added to medical marijuana dispensing when Shoppers Drug Mart took steps to become a licensed producer (LP) in 2016. This would allow their pharmacies to dispense the drug and adds an air of credibility to the cannabis industry and is welcomed by others within the industry.

With the Liberal Government’s proposed legislation to legalize medical marijuana by 2018 Shoppers Drug Mart wants to join this new industry. The decision was reached by the drugstore chain accompanied by the following quoted reasons: so there is increased “ access, safety, quality and security for the thousands of Canadians who use the drug as part of their medical therapy.” Presently Shoppers Drug Mart has no plans to produce medical marijuana but instead wants to ability to dispense the product to patients along with counselling by the pharmacist.

Less Stigma

Controversy is inevitable when it comes to pro legalization of the drug including what will be done for those currently convicted with possession or selling of the drug.This is where Shoppers Drug Mart’s application to produce the drug has a huge effect on removing some of the stigma attached to it. It sends the message to the public that this drug is no longer seen as an “ alternative “ or even a criminal drug.

One prominent myth surrounding marijuana is that it is a “ gateway “ drug and leads conservative thinking doctors to believe that a patient is going to smoke it for recreational use. A respectable company such as Shoppers Drug Mart goes a long way to achieving wider acceptance within the medical community as an acceptable treatment option for some patients.

Step in the Right Direction

While still early in the process it’s not yet apparent how Shoppers decision will affect anyone’s perception but goes a long way to decriminalizing the drug. Backing from such a well known franchise and company adds credibility to the use of medical marijuana to treat some patients and hopefully provide patients the opportunity to discuss this option with their physician.

Looking to the future it remains to be seen what impact the Liberal Government’s legislation and the addition of Shoppers application, in any, has to either empower or restrict patients wanting legal access to the drug.

There are plenty of other options if you are looking for mail order marijuana in Canada. Visit Farmacy Dispensary to see their menu and shipping prices.

Ways to Keep Your Loved One Safe at Home

If you’re one of the many Canadians caring for an older loved one at home their safety can be a very real concern in the home setting especially. Start by conducting a room by room inspection noting any ways you can lessen the possibility of them experiencing a fall. The bathroom is the room that presents the biggest and most frequent room that falls occur so a good place to start.

Here are 6 tips to help keep your loved one safe at home.

  1. Let there be light – poor visibility puts seniors at risk for falls with their diminished eyesight, install the highest wattage possible at entrances, hallways and staircases. Consider putting in glow in the dark light switches or motion sensor lighting throughout the home so older loved ones don’t need to struggle to find switches in the dark.
  2. Easy access to doors and windows for seniors with arthritis – for those with arthritis working door knobs and windows can be a challenge. Changing out hardware to flat handles can make dealing with them much easier.
  3. Restrict access to doors and windows for seniors with dementia – if the person in your care has dementia it’s critical to limit access to the outdoors ( in case the wander ) as well as anything that could cause them harm. Chemicals, household cleaners and medicines should be secured to prevent accidental ingestion.
  4. Assist in mobility – remove any items that could be an obstacle in their path, a walk in shower is the best option and will assist their mobility.
  5. Make it easy to summon help – despite your best efforts the unexpected can happen so enlist a way for them to call for help. A call assisted service allows them to have help in a matter of minutes by pressing a button on a device around their neck or worn on their wrist. Even a cell phone they can carry with them or a home phone within easy reach in the areas of the home they spend most of their time will allow them to call for help if needed.
  6. Use at home safety devices – there are a few products that are designed to keep seniors safe for example Impactive Hip Protectors are made to protect a seniors hip should they fall. These light and comfortable underwear come in a number of designs for men and women and will shield the hip from a fracture during a fall.

Stairlifts and Vancouver home elevators provide greater mobility for the senior in your home, in Vancouver contact Home Elevators now to discuss your options.

How to Care For an Elderly Parent Who Doesn’t Live With You

We live in such a transient world which means often our ageing parents live across the city, country or even a world away. You may be left wondering if they’re doing alright, need help or if they’re feeling lonely. The way you’re feeling is probably a lot like they felt if you moved away from your hometown. There are still some good ways you can still support them whether they live in the same city or farther away, continue reading for some useful ideas.

Schedule Regular Visits

If you are lucky enough to live in the same city try to visit a few times a month, visiting your loved one in a Victoria BC Care Home in the same day of the week will help them know when to expect you. Help Mom or Dad by cleaning the house, organizing belongings or medications or simply keep them company. Engage in a game of cards, playing board games, even a walk will ensure their minds stay sharp and their bodies remain as active as possible.

Check in Remotely

Maybe you don’t live close enough to visit often, however there are  other ways to support them. Call Mom or Dad regularly, send emails ( with family updates ) or set up a video chat if possible. With many seniors using the internet and even if they’re not tech savy show them how to use Skype next time you visit – or have someone show them how.

Send Gifts or Letters

A small gesture to let them know you’re thinking of them is a great way to show them that you care. Research has shown that chronic loneliness and depression can result in high blood pressure, a weakened immune system and increased cortisol ( a stress hormone ) in seniors. Let them know you’re thinking about them by sending handwritten letters, flowers or other gifts and can make a huge difference and brighten their day.

Hire a Caregiver

You may still be employed full time or distance prevents you from visiting as often as you would otherwise. Hiring a caregiver is an option, especially if they want to remain in the place they’re familiar with, their home. Caregivers provide peace of mind for the family and support for seniors in many ways. During visits they do household chores, meal prep, shop and provide much needed companionship.

There can come a time when Mom or Dad requires the additional care provided by long term facilities, in Victoria BC contact Clover Point Care when you want the best for your family.