Parts of Cannabis Plant

The cannabis is more than the basic sex features of male and female, just like other plants, it is composed of different structures. The cannabis has a skinny stem connected to its famous fan leaves that spread from areas known as nodes. However, the cannabis shows its amazing properties as it starts to flower. Here is an explanation from a Canadian online medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Cannabis Anatomy

Flower – the flower is found among female cannabis plant and it has the highest amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which makes it most sought after part for recreational consumption. Flowers develop on the top portion of the plant and they are known as buds.

THC is the chemical responsible for the majority of marijuana’s psychological effects. It acts quite similar with the cannabinoid chemicals created naturally by the human body.

Cola – this part pertains to the bulk of flowers at the plant’s top part.

Node – this is the joint where leaves shoot off from the stalk.

Stem – the stem is the flower’s structural support and is also responsible for transporting and storage of nutrients. The stems don’t contain high amounts of THC, however, they are used for their fiber.

Fan Leaf – it’s huge leaf is responsible for the plant’s photosynthetic activities. It absorbs energy from the sun and turns it into chemical energy to nourish the plant. Although the fan leaves don’t have enough THC levels, they have become the unofficial representation of cannabis.

Stalk – this is the plant’s central stem. Since it doesn’t have high amounts of THC, it is also used for its fibers.

Seed – the seed of the cannabis is concealed inside the calyx of the flower. Aside from being used in planting to grow cannabis plant, cannabis seed has oil that is extracted and used in animal feed and human food.

Pistils – the pistils are pollen-catching hairs that spread from the calyx. Their color may vary, from brown, orange or red. They have high levels of THC.

Calyx – this part of the plant contains high levels of trichomes. The calyx is what makes it a female flower, and this is the structure that forms as the budding process starts.

Trichomes – these are small resin glands found on the leaves of the flowers. Trichomes were thought to have developed to defend the plant from elements and insects. This tiny resin looks like a crystallized mushroom when it is observed under the microscope.

Sugar Leaf – this is a tiny leaf that can be seen inside the flower and it’s normally enclosed in trichomes due to its position. As the flowers are harvested, the sugar leaves are trimmed; however, their trichome-coating is a perfect ingredient in making cannabis foods.
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Symptoms of ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic disease that can greatly affect the lives of those who have it and the people around them. Analysis of several studies reveals that ADHD is more prevalent among males compared to females. Normally, the capability to control symptoms such as impulsivity improves over time; however, not everyone suffering from the disorder has the ability to regulate it.

ADHD is fairly a controversial disorder as others assume it’s a brand that ‘over-medicalise’ normal or bad behavior, while some think it’s poorly diagnosed and they’re being punished for “bad behavior” when they should have been treated for the condition. Since ADHD tends to overlap normal behavior and a number of other disorders, it’s crucial that diagnosis is made after a complete in-depth assessment by a trained medical professional.

There are three vital features or symptoms that define ADHD – inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity – and the impact of each to a person’s manifestation with ADHD vary from patient to patient. In various patients, two or more symptoms manifest equally while in others only one symptom may dominate.

Different symptoms of ADHD can affect functioning and quality of life in numerous ways, so it’s imperative that each patient’s distinct symptomatic feature should be accurately evaluated.


Individuals who are inattentive may have difficulty in keeping their minds on a single thing and may easily get bored doing a task for a few minutes. If they like what they are doing, they usually have no trouble in focusing. However, focusing deliberately, conscious attention to completing a task or discovering something new is challenging.

For children with ADHD, homework is for the most part difficult for them. Sometimes they forget to write it down, to bring a book home or bring the wrong book. And if ever they finish the homework, it is filled with erasures and errors.


Hyperactivity is the unnecessary motor activity and may manifest in different ways depending on the age of the patient. Children manifest hyperactivity by getting up from his/her seat when asked to be seated, running or jumping around inappropriately, fidgeting or being too talkative and noisy. On the other hand, hyperactivity among adults is shown as inner feelings of severe restlessness and exhausting others with their activity.


People who have tendencies to be impulsive can be hasty, look impatient and don’t have the restraint in social gatherings. They tend to find it hard to wait, interfering with the activities of other people or bursting out answers to questions that hasn’t been completed.

If you child has ADHD and needs a tutor, Symbols Learning Centres has Orton Gillingham Tutors in Vancouver to help with ADHD.


Cannabichromene or CBC is known as a minor form of cannabinoid which is mainly found in the cannabis plant that makes it tough to acquire in huge quantities. In general, it is solely found in tropical strains of cannabis. It is not quite popular but according to some research, it contains lots of health benefits and what’s more delighting about it is that it shows to have the healing power to treat cancer.

For a fact, according to Farmacy Toronto, one of the most controversial finding about CBC is its linkage to cancer. It is actually perceived to possess anti-proliferative effects which simply mean that it has the ability to impede the growth and fast spread of malignant tumors. Aside from this, it is believed to prevent pain and inflammation and also does wonders in stimulating bone growth.

It is worthy of note that cannabichromene is very effective when it comes to a broad array of medical benefits that consist of:

  • Anti-viral- CBC is loaded with anti-viral effects of cannabis.
  • Antimicrobial – it aids combat fungi and bacteria. It comes with a very powerful antibacterial effect on diverse gram-positive, acid-fast bacteria and gram-negative. In the same way, it shows slow to gradual activity against distinct forms of fungi.
  • It is very effective in treating migraines.
  • Anti-Proliferative – it does have a very vital role when it comes to inhibiting the growth and spread of malignant tumors.
  • It helps stimulate the brain growth and as a matter of fact it has appeared to help maximize the growth of developing brain cells which refers to a certain process known as neurogenesis.
  • It can also act as antidepressant that combats depression. In other words, it may help contribute to the overall mood-escalating properties found in cannabis plant. Keep in mind that it does not stimulate the same passageway in the brain as THC.
  • Analgesic- helps eliminate pain even though it is not as powerful as THC. Likewise, it can combat pain through interacting with a number of targets that are involved in the control of pain felt in the spinal level. Researchers at Toronto medical marijuana dispensary hope that since CBC is non-psychoactive, the marijuana compounds can contribute to treating pain without feeling high.
  • Anti-inflammatory – aids in lessening inflammation of the intestinal tract and swelling or edema. It can combat inflammation without stimulating cannabinoid receptors.

If you want to learn more about CBC, you may consider speaking to any one of Farmacy’s insightful bud tenders particularly if you wish to know more about dosing information as well as other alternatives for CBC.



How to avoid neck pain from texting

Strenuous workouts, lack of adequate rest, excessive alcohol and long hours at work all put a tremendous strain on our bodies. Some of these we can’t change while others are within our control to moderate. Life can be hectic and the prevalence of technology has taken over any downtime we once enjoyed.

Cell phones allow us to text, check emails and keep up with social media at any time. One of the consequences of looking down at your cell phone, while not official, is “ text neck .” Frequently looking down at cell phones to be informed has many people complaining of neck pain. Here are some tips from Revolution Health Centre about avoiding neck pain from texting. 

How Cell Phones Cause Neck Pain

A person’s head weighs about 12 lbs. As you bend your neck forward the weight at your cervical spine significantly increases from 12 lbs up to 60 pounds at a 60 degree angle. To demonstrate it would be like carrying an 8 year old child around your neck for 3 or more hours a day.

What Is An Epidemic

Almost everyone with the exception of very young children and possibly your 95 year old aunt owns a cell phone. The number of hours ( est at 3 hrs per day ) means people are very attached to their devices.

Physical Effects Of The “ Text Neck “

Here are some of the possible symptoms and possible problems that can result:

  • Long term muscle strain, herniations, and pinched nerves
  • Added weight on the cervical spine can pull the entire spine out of alignment
  • Loss of vital capacity of the lungs by up to 30% which can lead to cardiovascular disease
  • Loss of large intestine function
  • Decreased respiratory strength
  • Tightness across the shoulders
  • Frequent headaches

Can’t Live Without Your Phone, Try Some Of The Following Suggestions:

  • Give it a rest. To avoid this repetitive strain take a break every 15 minutes, looking up will allow your neck to rest in a natural, neutral position
  • Hold it up. Elevating your phone or tablet to eye level rather than looking down
  • Lie down. Lying down on the floor extend your arms out in front so your phone is at eye level. Your arms will quickly tire forcing you to take a needed break
  • Just say it. Voice recognition apps while not safe to use while driving if used other times can take the stress off your neck and back
  • Try an app. There are apps designed to prevent “ text neck “ and help you maintain healthier posture
  • Schedule social media time. We lived without social media for a long time, why not remove those apps from your cell phone. Use your phone for texts or making calls, even limit the time you spend on your computer keeping up with social media

Searching for chiropractors in Murfreesboro contact us at Revolution Health Care.

Chiropractic care for runners

Whether a runner is training for the next marathon, a 5K or run for exercise any run could result in injury. Runners go out and buy shoes etc to prevent being injured while running. Many runners are not aware of the benefits of chiropractic care offers not only in treating injuries but preventing them as well. Achieve Wellness is here to provide some tips for you runners out there.

Running has many health benefits and can be effective for each of the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Increase good cholesterol levels
  • Reduces heart attack risk

Casual runners and those training at a higher levels need to be aware of the potential for injury.

Common Injuries In Runners

  • Knee problems
  • Swelling of the achilles tendon
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints
  • Stress fractures
  • Ankle sprains
  • Pulled muscles

With running injuries prevention is key in order to avoid injuries that require extensive physical therapy, pain medication even orthopedic surgery. Consider how a trip to the chiropractor every now and then could be useful in avoiding injuries.

For runners malalignment can be the result of the following:

  • Running on uneven surfaces such as the beach
  • Wearing the same shoes for too many kilometers
  • Running the same course every day
  • Running in the same direction every day

Chiropractors can help

Ideally a runner should see a chiropractor anytime he/she feels pain or restriction on any joint. Feeling “ off “ is an indication for a runner that something is out of alignment. If a big event such as a marathon is the reason a runner is training they might consider seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis.

A chiropractor can help in the following ways:

  • Ease stress and pressure caused by the repetitive movements of runners
  • Keep the body moving efficiently
  • Relieve strained muscles
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Maintain proper alignment of the spine for optimum performance

Tips for runners:

Running is great for endurance, cardiovascular strength and overall health no matter what your skill level. Peak performance can only be achieved if your body is in proper alignment. A spine that is not in proper alignment can lead to undue stress on some body parts and not allow for the equal distribution of pressure. This could result in a number of problems and even possible injuries.

  1. Don’t just run. Cross training, stretching even yoga or other activities help avoid injury to joints throughout your body.
  2. Practice good posture. This is key to preventing injuries and unnatural stress on your body.
  3. Easy does it. Train with a reasonable schedule and build up slowly. Going too fast or too slowly will only lead to injury.

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What You Need To Know About Germs In Daycare

Up until the time your child starts daycare it’s been easy to keep them fairly healthy by keeping germs at bay. Parents should be aware that once in daycare the frequency of illness will escalate. An endless stream of runny noses, low grade fevers, mysterious rashes and bouts of diarrhea are to be expected. Pediatricians tell parents that it’s not unusual for your toddler to experience 8 to 12 colds in the first 12 months in daycare. When you put  lots of young children together it’s the perfect environment for transmitting viruses.

Children and toddlers in particular are likely to wipe their noses, sneeze and cough while sharing toys and food. Expect colds, stomach viruses, conjunctivitis ( pink eye ) even hand, foot and mouth disease will be transmitted in a daycare setting.

As a parent there are things you can do to help your whole family such as making sure they all get lots of rest and eating nutritious food. Make a point of washing your toddler’s hands when they get home and before eating or interacting with siblings.

In spite of how vigilant the daycare is about cleaning, disinfecting and hand washing it is a losing battle. Parents just don’t have a choice other than to drop their toddler off even when they’re ill and the result is an endless cycle of illness. Even the healthiest child can’t avoid getting sick when they start daycare. I remember parents I knew who wouldn’t allow anyone with a cold to visit when they had a toddler and bragged that the child had never been sick. However when that child eventually got sick it proved dangerous to the child because she had no immunity to viruses.

There are measures parents can take to strengthen a toddler’s immune system with a diet rich in protein, zinc and vitamin C. along with a diet free of refined sugar. Consider supplementing with Vitamin D which is shown to boost immunity and probiotics in drops or chewable tablets. Exposure to viruses actually makes their immune system stronger.

Researchers at the University of Montreal have conducted a long term study that found toddlers in group care might get sick more often than those who stay home, but those same children get sick less often than their peers in elementary school years. The point is that sooner or later your child is going to get sick. It’s reassuring to know that those sleepless nights and runny noses could mean less sick days in later years.

If you are looking for a Victoria BC Daycare, you can find many at that link. It’s a website dedicate to finding the best daycares in that city.

What You Should Know About Eyelash Extensions

Have you noticed women in the gym, the office and in the street with natural, soft and long eyelashes that you can’t buy from any shop? Certainly, those were eyelash extensions, which was once reserved for the rich and famous. Extending eyelash is a process of bonding artificial eyelashes into the natural ones that can last for a number of weeks.

Eyelash extension and false lashes are different. False lashes are just strips of lashes that you apply to the skin at the base of the real eyelashes, and can be only worn for a day and must be removed. You can purchase false eyelashes at various cosmetics stores. Eyelash extensions, however, are single false lashes that are attached directly to your eyelashes and not on the skin and can last from 4 to 8 weeks and must be applied by a professional.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are made of various materials like silk, mink, or synthetics. Mink lashes look more natural while silk lashes tend to look dramatic. They’ll also look more natural if the artist adds dimensions using a blend of lengths, degrees of taper and flat lashes instead of the typical cylindrical lashes. Flat lashes can look more dramatic and will look thicker without the added weight.

Eyelash extensions last longer than you think.

With the right amount of care, an eyelash extension can last up to 45 days. Most artists would suggest that you come back to them every 2 to 3 weeks for a retouch, however, if you want to save a bit of cash, you can extend their duration. Just make sure to be careful not to let them get wet and not to use oily products around your eyes.

The only way to get rid of them is to get them professionally removed or have them fall out naturally.

If you want to remove your lash extensions, it can be done easily and painless just like how it was attached. Most salons offer this service. But if you don’t want to spend too much money on removing it, the lash extension will fall out along with your natural lashes. The latter is a slower process, but it is free.

Contact Studio Kanti if you are looking for eyelash extensions.

What Is The Difference Between Sativa And Indica

As a novice cannabis consumer looking for an online medical marijuana dispensary may not be familiar with the different strains of cannabis or their different uses. The terms cannabis sativa and cannabis indica have been in use for a long time since the 18th century to be exact. At that time the differences between their structure resin production were noted. Hybrid as a category came into use when growers began mixing genetics from the two categories. For the purpose of this blog we will be looking at the Sativa and Indica categories. Indicas are believed to have originated in the Hindu Kush region near Afghanistan it’s thick resin coating was protection against the harsh climate and conditions. Whereas Sativa is found in the more temperate climate close to the equator with it’s variable weather.

Each strain has it’s own distinguishing characteristics including morphology ( the study of the form and structure of animals and plants ) effects, flowering time, yield geographically and even flavors.


The short bushy indica strain is suitable for growing indoors or outdoors between 30 to 50 degree latitude. Producing a sedating, relaxed full body effect it’s more likely to leave you just wanting to sit on the couch. Useful to relieve anxiety, insomnia, pain and help with muscle spasms.


Tall with thin leaves this variety is suitable for outdoor gardens in regions between 0 and 30 degrees latitude. Users feel uplifted and creative with the cerebrally induced effects of the Sativa strain. Depression, ADD, fatigue and those with mood disorders all benefit from feeling more energized and uplifted with this strain.

The contrast in that results in using each has many users preferring Indicas at night while Sativas with their energizing properties might be used from morning to afternoon. Both strains have medical uses and are prescribed to deal with different symptom management. Indicas might be chosen to treat insomnia and pain whereas sativas are thought to be useful for depression and fatigue. The power of suggestion is very powerful and brings into question whether what the effect users report is influenced by what they have been told to expect.

Hybrids are thought to offer different combinations of sativas and indicas effects consumers can expect. In truth two of the cannabis compounds cannabinoids and terpenes are what influence the effect they produce.

Research will continue and changes will result but these two categories will remain important as that happens. Without getting into unnecessary detail the information provided here will give consumers a basic differences between the two types of cannabis available.

If you are a looking for order a sativa or indica, visit the Farmacy Dispensary as they ship all over Canada.

What is microblading?

Eyebrow fashions come and go, trends like thin and sharp and bushy like Cara Delevigne and trends coming from models who have quite known over the past years.

However, one trend is making ways right now and it’s known as microblading, which is a recent tattoo style that fill the brows or reshapes them by sketching on the small lines that will appear like hairs.

Victoria BC microblading is a trend in facial make-up that implants pigment into the epidermis with the use of small blades, as a result shows realistic hair strokes in a natural finish. It is a new concept that will leave you an eyebrow design that is for you – colors used in microblading comes from high quality pigments. This method can produce any look, like extremely natural finish or a stunningly bold brow. Missing or thin eye brows can be totally restored by this method. Using a handheld microblade allows the color to be deposited close to the surface which results to a very crisp and fine hair stroke. Microblading began in Asia which is also widely known as eyebrow embroidery. Microblading is perfect for those who are looking to enhance the look of their eyebrows.

Microblading: A Form of Tattooing

Microblading is semi-permanent eyebrow treatment and is done by a trained technician with the use of a handheld tool that has disposable microblades. As explained by a microblading technician, microblading isn’t like regular tattoo instead it is another form of tattoo where colors are implanted underneath the skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. Even though the procedure isn’t deep as compared to regular tattoo, it is still considered as tattoo since color is implanted underneath the skin.

How does it work?

Microblading is done by manually instilling color on the surface in the upper area of the dermis using a handheld tool with needles in it combined together in a linear grouping and doesn’t involve using a machine. The same with permanent makeup eyebrow treatment with the use of machine, the method of microblading involves drawing crisp and fine hair strokes that is natural looking however microblading is still a type of cosmetic tattooing. Compared to the needles used in regular tattoo, needles used in microblading are very fine in terms of diameter, but recent improvements in the field of cosmetic tattoo needles has also yielded very fine needles used in machines. Microblading technicians normally use solutions that will numb the area to limit discomfort and eventually like any other type of cosmetic tattooing if done properly will result in less distress.

If you are located in Victoria BC, contact Studio Kanti for more on their microblading services.

What Factors Determine Scoliosis Treatment

There are many people who want to know what factors determine scoliosis treatments in Lakeland.

Scoliosis is a deformity consisting of lateral curvature along with rotation of the spine. This curvature has several causes from congenital, idiopathic, neuromuscular, syndrome-related, injury or accident. Family physicians usually diagnose cases that are idiopathic ( unknown ) in origin. Next a patient history including age at presentation, physical exam and radiographs are taken a determination can be made regarding treatment. In some cases a wait and see approach where they are checked every 6 months may be taken in adolescents diagnosed. Studies have shown once someone is full grown scoliosis of less than 30 degrees tends to remain the same. While curves of 50 degrees can worsen every year by one degree per year. Curves of greater than 30 degrees are the most concerning for Doctors.

Treatment Options

A brace is often worn to prevent moderate curvatures of 20 to 40 degrees becoming worse when the following are also factors:

 -a curve that is progressive ( has increased more than 5 degrees ) or

 -a curvature that was over 30 degrees when first diagnosed

 -the patient still has a lot of growing yet to do.

Surgery is another course of treatment and is not an emergency or urgent situation so can be scheduled around school breaks. The surgery involves attaching screws and a metal rod to correct the curvature of the spine. Possible complications associated with surgery include:


  -bleeding, blood clots

  -nerve damage

  -lung complications


Non invasive treatment options Chiropractors and Doctors have been treating patients with for many years are also available. Patient outcomes have been encouraging without the possible risks of undergoing surgery or wearing a brace. Alternative scoliosis treatments available at scoliosis clinics recognize the emotional as well as the physical toll this disease takes on a person.